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  • Rad6B acts downstream of Wnt signaling to stabilize β-catenin: Implications for a novel Wnt/β-catenin target

    Brigitte Gerard, Larry Tait, Pratima Nangia-Makker, Malathy P V Shekhar
            • Clusterin expression can be modulated by changes in TCF1-mediated Wnt signaling

              Troels Schepeler, Francisco Mansilla, Lise L Christensen, Torben F Ørntoft, Claus L Andersen
              • SFRP-4 abrogates Wnt-3a-induced β-catenin and Akt/PKB signalling and reverses a Wnt-3a-imposed inhibition of in vitro mammary differentiation

                Thecla Constantinou, Fabrizio Baumann, Markus D Lacher, Susanne Saurer, Robert Friis, Arun Dharmarajan
                    • Assembly of Dishevelled 3-based supermolecular complexes via phosphorylation and Axin

                      Noriko Yokoyama, Nelli G Markova, Hsien-yu Wang, Craig C Malbon
                        • Signaling in colon cancer stem cells

                          Sanchita Roy, Adhip P N Majumdar