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  • AMPK-induced activation of Akt by AICAR is mediated by IGF-1R dependent and independent mechanisms in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

    Gilles M Leclerc, Guy J Leclerc, Guilian Fu, Julio C Barredo
      • E4BP4 facilitates glucocorticoid-evoked apoptosis of human leukemic CEM cells via upregulation of Bim

        Jessica A Beach, Laura J Nary, Yasuko Hirakawa, Eli Holland, Rebeka Hovanessian, Rheem D Medh
        • Determinants at the N- and C-termini of Gα12 required for activation of Rho-mediated signaling

          Benjamin J Ritchie, William C Smolski, Ellyn R Montgomery, Elizabeth S Fisher, Tina Y Choi, Calla M Olson, Lori A Foster, Thomas E Meigs