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  • Downregulation of Signal Regulatory Protein Alfa 1 in K562 Cells Results in the Aberrant Cell Growth in Low Serum Culture

    Shinichiro Takahashi
          • Determinants at the N- and C-termini of Gα12 required for activation of Rho-mediated signaling

            Benjamin J Ritchie, William C Smolski, Ellyn R Montgomery, Elizabeth S Fisher, Tina Y Choi, Calla M Olson, Lori A Foster, Thomas E Meigs
            • A Gα12-specific Binding Domain in AKAP-Lbc and p114RhoGEF

              Joseph W. Martin, Kyle S. Cavagnini, Douglas N. Brawley, Carrie Y. Berkley, William C. Smolski, Ricardo D. Garcia, Autumn L. Towne, Jonathan R. Sims, Thomas E. Meigs